Friday, November 18, 2005

We've Lost Our Woody

Melinda & Melinda

I am always rooting for Woody Allen movies. I suspect a lot of people are like me. They hope he can do something that will remind people of why he was once a somebody, instead of just some old quasi-incestuous pedophile. Despite the interesting assemblage of young actors – this ain’t the movie to sets things straight. It sucks, and I mean ‘think about turning it off to watch Jeopardy’ sucks. The lead actress playing Melinda lets her Aussie accent tumble into every scene, except for those in which she sounds like Julie Delpy. I kept expecting her to say ‘farking’. Will Ferrell tries to do his best – but there are scenes in which is appears that he is playing Woody Allen in an SNL skit. Most of the acting is so wooden, you’d think every single person in the cast just found out that their dog had died. I like Amanda Peet, though. She’s usually the best thing in whatever movie she’s in. That probably says more about her project selection, though.

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