Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Love and Polytheism

I read All-Star Superman #3 while eating my breakfast today, and what a great way to start the morning. While I may not feel that this miniseries by the Morrison/Quitely team deserves the screaming praises from the mountaintops status that others have conferred upon it, I do think that it’s wonderful stuff and has me totally hooked.

In essence the best thing about this issue is that it’s a story about all the things that go wrong when you think you’ve organized the perfect date for the woman of your dreams. All of the action and smashing aside, this is a date comic. This is a love story, with a bit of comedy and suspense thrown into the mix.

The think that makes me want to kiss Grant Morrison right on the lips is that he is able to reference the Silver Age while still giving it some respect. The whole ‘Samson/Atlas’ chiseling in on Superman’s plans is so very Silver Age that I half expected Zha-Vam to show up. Anyone who has read any early 60s Action Comics knows full well that Superman had a heck of a time dealing with the Gods in togas crowd. Even something as simple as the phrase ‘super-feat’ is so effin’ Silver Age that I just love it.

The only real negative that I can see with this issue is the characterization of Steve Lombard. For the most part, ASS has moved along very elegantly, at its own pace with thoughtful characterizations. Lombard’s dialogue is so over the top that it really seems to be out of place with the rest of the book. That’s just nitpicking, though – but it stood out for some reason.

As a final note – let me say how cool I though Jimmy’s Superman Signal watch looked, though. I am so happy that Morrison decided against updating it to a cell phone or, God forbid, a Blackberry.

Kudos to Team ASS!

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