Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bear Punch Covers

There are many covers out there featuring bear attacks or people being threatened by bears, but very rare is the cover where our hero actually has enough courage to take on a bear. Here are some examples:

Supersnipe Volume 4 #11
It seems that no matter what category I select, there’s a Supersnipe cover that fits the bill. This is actually one of two Supersnipe covers featuring some Man vs. Bear action. As I’ve stated before, I’ve never read one of these books buy you know they’ve got to be good (if a little repetitive). In the 1940s, the Arctic might as well have been Mars and publishers were obviously keen on tapping into their readers’ desire to adventure into the unknown. Nowadays, tourists pile into ATV to visit the huge beasts. Modernity is kind of sad.

Joe Palooka #48
If you’ve ever browsed a Joe Palooka Cover Gallery (and who here hasn’t?), you know that he’s punched just about everything in creation. It’s really nice of Joe to help out the young campers, but doesn’t he know that you are supposed to play dead when confronting by a grizzly bear? Or is that a black bear? I always get them mixed up. This is probably the friendliest looking killer bear that you are likely to see – looks more like a kangaroo on steroids.

Marvel Family #82
Is that the same bear that took on Supersnipe? Won’t he ever learn? I like how Cap and Cap Jr. have decided to sit back and let Mary do all of the heavy lifting. Judging from the look on the polar bear’s face, Mary got him right in the solar plexus. Either that or the reproductive organs are located fairly high. This was near the end of the line for the Fawcett line of Marvel titles, so they obviously had faith that a good old-fashioned Bear Punch cover would help spike sales.

Adventures Into the Unknown #148
I can tell what’s going through Nemesis’ mind on this cover. He’s thinking ‘What the hell am I doing on a Golden Age cover in the middle of the 60s?’ Well, my masked friend, the fact that this cover was drawn by Kurt Schaffenberger (as Jay Kafka), who also contributed to (you guessed it) Marvel Family #82, might have something to do with it. You’d think that after taking on various super-villains and a T-Rex, Nemesis wouldn’t be so worried about a grizzly bear but I guess everyone has their phobias.

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