Friday, November 23, 2007

Review: Green Arrow - Black Canary Wedding Special

Considering the creators know that we’ve been waiting 40 years for this moment, I’m more than a little disappointed with the book. I’m left feeling that the best they could come up with is a riff on the first Fantastic Four Annual. The dialogue may be more irony-tinged than what we saw back in ’66, but the overall template is the same. Perhaps it is an homage and if so, that’s cool but it lacked the charm that someone like Darwyn Cooke might have brought to the table. I’ve actually really enjoyed most of the new Green Arrow series (I own the first 5 or 6 trades), but this just has a different tone.

Winnick is misfiring on all cylinders here, going through the motions of clichéd pre-wedding jokes and innuendo with topics such as forced abstinence, male strippers. Amanda Conner’s super cutsey faces just do not work for me (where are you Phil Hester?) as every woman looks like Katchoo. Two double page spreads are meant to impress, but result in bringing the proceedings to a stiff and awkward halt. Interesting ending though – I just hope they are not pulling a Travis Morgan stunt again. All in all, it was not worth the h40-year wait - let's hope they renew their vows in a quiet, rainy ceremony in Seattle soon. I'm sure the flowers will be nice. Grade: C-

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