Friday, July 25, 2008

Charlton Notebook: Judomaster #98

Of all of the 'Action Heroes', the one who seems to get the least amount of respect is Judomaster. Moments after he was acquired by DC, he was shelved and only allowed to come out to play on the rarest of occasions. I guess he's a bit of an odd fit, since his exploits take place during WW2 so teaming him up with Blue Beetle, Captain Atom & Company doesn't work very well. That being said, WW2 adventures are pretty fun, and who can complain about a little 60s era martial arts? This is the final issue of the Judomaster series, and it's really quite solid. The lead story features an uncharted island filled with dinosaurs controlled by the (and I'm not making this up) 'Japanese Sandman'. In between chops and throws, Judomaster and Tiger are able to spew out just enough racial slurs to keep this very politically incorrect. The Frank McLaughlin art is spectacular, especially the first page splash. The back-up is a nice little Sarge Steel story with cool Dick Giordano art. All in all, this is one of the most attractive looking non-Ditko Charltons I've seen.
I would be nice to see these two characters get their collective dues in a future volume of the Action Heroes Archives.

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macsnafu said...

The McLaughlin art is quite good, but I don't really remember the stories as being all that strong. Maybe I need to dig up my copies and re-read them to see.