Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reprint This! The Outer Limits

I understand that there may not be hundreds of thousands of people clamoring for this series, as I believe it features 100% Jack Sparling art. There are those of us, however, whom see the charm in Mr. Sparling's artwork and feel that there is always room for more sci-fi and UFO books on our shelves. It would be great if someone rescue this title from licensing purgatory and give it a proper TPB treatment. I imagine that Paul S. Newman wrote a good chunk of these stories, so those would be fun and well crafted. The first 11 issues feature a single 32 page story; quite a novel idea for a sci-fi series at the time. The remaining issues took on a more traditional anthology approach. Even if the comic book series pales is comparison to the TV show, it would still make for a very entertaining book to put up on my shelf. I am always ready to accept more monsters and aliens into my world. Dark Horse, I'm looking at you to make this one happen.


Erik said...

I have an issue of Outer Limits I picked up in a convention quarter bin. I'd like to find more someday.

Richard Gagnon said...

I'm also of the minority opinion that Sparling's work is fun and at the very least competent, and sometimes quite loopily inspired.

But Dark Horse are the last people I'd want to see reprinting anything that isn't in black and white to begin with. Whoever's in charge of their reprint program should be shot for what they've done to Magnus and Herbie.

DC, Fantagraphics, D&Q know how to put together a reprint. IDW, about half the time. But none of them are likely to see this material as fit for reprinting.

I'm dreading Hermes Press' upcoming Dark Shadows reprints, because their Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea were no prize, only marginally superior to the Dark Horse offerings.

When it comes to reprinting old comics, especially if you're reprinting from the old comics themselves, glossy, bright white paper is a terrible idea. If you then go and "fix" the contrast in Photoshop, you've just made a bad situation dismal.

And so on...

On a constructive level, this guy makes a case for how it should be done:


Sorry for going off-topic.