Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Comic Robot of the Month: The Cannibal Robot

I don't even know where to begin with this one. I can tell you that this issue begins with a rather unsubtle scene were the Metal Men are watching the Batman TV show. The Cannibal Robot is the creation of Dr. Yes, who just so happens to be (according to the caption on the splash page) the robot twin of Wonder Woman's enemy Egg Fu. Are you with me so far? I guess Robert Kanigher just could not leave well enough alone. In this one, Doc Magus reassembles a destroyed robot while simultaneously trashing Tina's self esteem. He runs into some snags, as the 'lobot' is still under the 'lemote control' of Dr. Yes. I kid you not - this racist phonetic spelling runs rampant through this book (to the point where Kanigher even translates at one point).

Doc is missing (he's trapped in the robot's mouth), so the Metal Men finish the job and have the giant robot take them out on the town. This sequence involves a nightclub with female dancers dressed as monkeys (I am not making this up). Eventually, they order the robot to take them to their leader. They arrive just in time for Dr. Yes' birthday celebration and wind up as candles in his cake. Dr. Yes 'blain washes' them and sends them back stateside to disrupt the I Am An American Day celebrations (is that still a holiday?). It turns out that the Metal Men's love for America is more powerful that Dr. Yes' programming and then take down the Cannibal Robot before his can cause any 'destluction'. This would be funny, if the racism were so brutal. It's tough to believe that this was approved by DC's editors in 1966, as I am pretty sure that even Chop Chop had been mostly updated by this point.

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