Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Reprint This! Nemesis

As I may have mentioned before, Brave and the Bold is my all-time favourite comic book title. The final 60 or so issues of this series were published during the peak of my childhood comic book reading. The thing is, I never really had much time for Nemesis. I didn't care for complex espionage stories and I felt that Dan Spiegle's artwork was downright ugly. Yes, I had a lot to learn. So, now I have come to love Spiegle and these kinds of stories. The problem is that I need to dig out my floppies and read these stories 8 pages at a time (save for the two team-ups with Batman). By my count, there is well over 200 pages of material here, and it would make for a terrific collection. Sadly, DC does not seem to realize that there is a market, albeit a limited one, for its non-superhero stories. Put Batman on the cover it you need to, but let's get this done!


Four-Color Kid said...

Hear! Hear!
I second the motion!

But, as you said, DC is not very interested in collecting non-super-heroes stuff. They seem even less inclined with the old stuff.

I wish we could see more vintage genre series.

NEMESIS was probably my first exposure to Dan Speigle as well. I kinda like his art. His later art had a kinda classic Toth quality. Later I bought a lot of Spiegle and Evanier's fun run on BLACKHAWKS (which I highly recommend!) and REALLY got into his old school art.

I've recently started to hunt for old Dell western titles and those drawn by Spiegle are often among my favorites.

By the way, when I was a early Bronze age kid collector, I thought Ross Andru and Frank Robbins art was the ugliest things in comic books! Heh! Good thing I grew up and got wise!

Matthew Johnson said...

I loved NEMESIS. Unsurprisingly, the only person who has ever used him well after the original series was John Ostrander, in SUICIDE SQUAD.

Godzylla said...

Yes! We need Nemesis!