Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Reprint This! Jungle War Stories

We live in a Golden Age of comic book reprints. I am delighted to see collections of many Dell and Gold Key titles on the shelves of comic book stores. I do, however, still believe that there is still a lot of potential material out there that should be collected. Dell published a number of good quality war books, but I thought the best place to start is Jungle War Stories. If you include Guerrilla War, the continuation of this series, you have 14 issues worth of material, making for a nice sized introduction to Dell's war books. Jungle War Stories was the first war title to focus on the Vietnam War and, while the stories may not be 100% factually correct, it does give insight into how the various players were perceived at the time. While the bulk of the art chores are handled by the steady, but uninspiring, Maurice Whitman, keen eyed readers will spot work by the likes of George Evans, George Tuska and Reed Crandall scattered throughout the series. It's not at the level of a DC or Atlas war book, but still a good series deserving a the reprint treatment, if only for the gorgeous painted covers.

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