Monday, August 12, 2013

Trade Marks: Superman For All Seasons

As a fan of just about everything touched by Messrs. Loeb and Sale, I went into this with very high expectations. Generally speaking, many of my favourite Superman stories are Smallville focused. That is the strongest stuff here as the Kents are wonderfully fleshed out and Lana Lang and Pete Ross both have fine moments. When the action moves to Metropolis, however, things begin to take a turn for the worse. Luthor's motivations for empire buildings and his hatred for Supes are insufficiently explained and this undermines the impact of the moments in which they interact. The story is both small and large scale, which might have been biting off more than the creators could chew. It is still a solid book, with a wonderful atmosphere created by the artwork but it is a step down from the team's strongest work.
Trade Mark: B-

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Four-Color Kid said...

Loeb and Sale are did classic stuff together. I Wonder if we will ever see their CAPTAIN AMERICA: WHITE we were promised a looooong time ago...

Sale comic book production drop to pretty much nothing after the TV series HEROES hit big. Hollywood's gain was comic book's loss.