Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Single Issue Hall of Fame: Star Wars #28

Although I'd love to say that the Star Wars series published by Marvel was indeed Marvelous, it ran pretty hot and cold. I still don't think that Infantino was a good fit, but I have pretty much made piece with his work on the series. This is one of the issues with the great Gene Day working over Infantino breakdowns, and that works quite well. Why do I think this particular issue is such a great one. Well, the title of the story is "Whatever Happened to Jabba the Hut?". Remember those days before Return of the Jedi, when the only version of Jabba that we knew that that whiskered green fellow we met in the Chaykin-drawn adaptation? Well, he returns here and I think I am more of a fan of a mobile Jabba. This is a very small scale story, with Han and Chewie trapped in cave by Jabba's gang. Some terrifying insects pose both a thread and a chance to escape. There is some terrific character building as the camaraderie between our two heroes is evident. The intensity of the climax, and the nastiness of the bugs, is more than you expect from comics of the era. Thrown in some humour and a comeuppance for Mr. Hut (note the single 't' at the time) and you'd got a nice little gem.

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