Friday, May 09, 2014

I Loves Me Some Daredevil by Mark Waid

Let's be honest. I love just about anything Daredevil related. I love the Miller stuff, the Brubaker stuff and I even have a lot of love for the Mike Murdock saga. Why single out this recent stretch of stories by Mark Waid? Well, I don't tend to read too many new comics but this stuff came highly recommended and has sucked me in. Waid has always had a talent for characterization. His work on the Flash really established Wally West as an important member of the DCU and his entire supporting cast was nicely fleshed out. His characters seem strong yet flawed. I think the most appropriate word is 'human'. Much of the same takes place here. Matt and Foggy are clearly old friends, but there's a freshness to their relationship. One thing people often overlook during Frank Miller's tenure is the humour that was sprinkled throughout those stories. Waid brings back the humour, not in an overbearing way but in a way that allows Daredevil to be the swashbuckling hero he was in his early days. There is a bit of a revolving door in terms of the art teams, but that does not  detract too much from the impact of the stories. I've read through the first 3 TPBs and I am anxious to get my hands on more.


BenoƮt Leblanc said...

I am eagerly waiting for some kind of Omnibus reimpression of the Waid run. I hope its popularity and good critical reception will warrant it.

Scott M said...

Benoit - good call on waiting for a larger volume. These are quite slim. Does the Sherbrooke library system have much in the way of TPBs en anglais?