Friday, June 13, 2014

Memoirs of a Bronze Age Baby: Mad #199

I do not know how I got my hands on a copy of this issue. I would have still been only 5 years old during the summer of 1978 and Mad was not part of my regular reading rotation at that point in my life and I can't see my parents buying it for me. That said, I remember reading that first Star Wars parody as well, so I must have had an older neighbour or relative letting me read them. There's some good stuff in this one, including parodies of both The Spy Who Loved Me and What's Happening. I liked those at the time because I was familiar with the source material. Too often, I didn't understand the parodies in Mad or Cracked as I hadn't seen the film or TV show in question. The main reason this particular issue has stuck in my brain 36 years later is the story about punk music. This would have been my first 'exposure' to punk and I was shocked. That panel of the band urinating on their fans at a concert remains etched in my brain. Or should I say 'blecched' in my brain.


Gary said...

Was that the issue that had the punk band Johnny Turd and the Commodes? After 35 years I still remember that.

Scott M said...

That's the one. Really stuck in my mind, too.

crowdaddy said...

That's one of my favorite issues of MAD. I still have my original copy. I was ten in 78, my dad used to buy MAD and give it to me. I don't think my mom was aware of just how rude MAD could get, otherwise, she probably wouldn't have let him give them to me and my brother. That Johnny Turd and the Commodes bit is an all-time favorite. "DOWN WITH EVERYTHING AND UP UP YOURS!!!!"