Thursday, October 13, 2005

A Birthday Turkey

The long weekend was spent with nearly the full family at the family hobby farm. We celebrated my 33rd birthday – got some good swag including a couple of back issues of the old Comic Book Artist, Neil Gaiman’s new book and the recent Gene Colan biography. Kat made an awesome carrot cake for me. 33 feels old, but I am feeling fairly energetic these days – so I think that I am doing all right for such an advanced age. Good weather all around – the leaves are changing and the colours were magnificent. We had a big Thanksgiving dinner Sunday and everyone seemed to be in good spirits. Long weekends rock!


infobroker said...

I want a piece of the carrot cake. With TONS of frosting please.

-jb the greedy ib-

dan bailey said...

happy belated birthday!

man, i remember turning 33 ... 6 weeks later later, a fellow southwest arkansan was elected u.s. president for the first time.

(yeah: bill clinton.)

why, yes, i *am* getting old, now that you mention it.