Monday, January 15, 2007

#8 - Top 12 Comic Book Characters

8. Tubby Tompkins

Tubby is probably the biggest shit disturber in comic book history. Nobody gets up to, and into, more trouble than this guy. He is greedy, lazy, arrogant and delusional. I love him.

He is Little Lulu’s nemesis as well as her paramour. He is the perfect Yin to her Yang. Together, they are the 'Hepburn and Tracy Jr.' of the Four Color world. Lulu just wouldn’t be Lulu without Tubby serving as the constant headache in her life.Whether he’s trying to get a free soda, eating someone else's food, keeping girls out of his clubhouse or trying to frame Mr. Moppet for some crime, Tubby does it all with a lack of both grace and class.

They just don’t make kids like Tubby anymore. Tragic.

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