Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Favourite Places in the World: Freshwood Grill

I’ve written about far away places in West Africa and Louisiana, but this is a great little spot just around the corner from my house. The Freshwood opened a couple of years ago on Roncesvalles Ave, and my wife and I have been there for brunch many times. It’s got a great menu with lots of interesting choices at reasonable prices, a nice garden patio during summer and it is very kid friendly (we don’t take our 2 year old son and 3 month old daughter out much, but we’re comfortable with them here). We’re having major renovation done at our house, so we’ve been without a laundry room for a while. This means I get to make a weekly pilgrimage to our local Laundromat, reminding me of my undergrad days. Luckily, the Freshwood is just a few doors up Roncesvalles, and I can park myself there with a pint (Amsterdam Two Fisted, thank you very much) and read some funnybooks (made my way through a chunk Weird Western Tales last time) while 4 loads of laundry dry simultaneously. Is it shallow of me to say that this is the highlight of my week? If you’re ever in the High Park/Roncesvalles area, check it out.

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