Thursday, March 20, 2008

Single Issue Hall of Fame: Power Man and Iron Fist #67

When I try to look at this book from a rational perspective, I know full well that it isn't Watchmen or The Spirit, but there's got to be some reason I've read it over 10 times. As a kid, I liked this title, but it was never up there with Avengers, Brave and the Bold or Spider-Man, but everything seems to come together with this issue. It's actually quite amazing how much is accomplished in a single issue - we've got a headscratcher of a bank heist, a missing hero, a quick origin recap, a heroic rescue and a cliffhanger ending. Mary Jo Duffy really seems to know how to make a superhero book work. Bob Rodi wrote an interesting letter to the Editor (he acknowledges that Duffy is his friend) comparing PM & IF to Asterix and Obelix (as the ultimate 'buddy' comic strip). The key is having two disparate characters interacting in a realistic and yet entertaining way. When Luke goes missing, you really get a feel for Danny's desperation. The art team of Kerry Gammil and Ricardo Villamonte is also very, very strong - giving off a bit of a Byrne/Austin vibe. Did I mention the cool Frank Miller cover? All in all - it's great stuff and my guess is that you can track this down in a bargain bin and enjoy a very good read.

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Pj Perez said...

I've never purposely sought out a PM&IF book, but I started picking them up in the dime bins, and I have to say: I've never been disappointed. Something about that series just clicked, you know?