Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Steve Ditko Cover of the Week: Marvel Spotlight #4

OK, OK - I know that it's certainly been more than a week, but it's tough keeping my blog somewhat organized with so little sleep (my 6 month old always keeps us guess as to whether she's going to make it through the night). It's not a good idea to look at too many Steve Ditko covers on 2 hours sleep, as you start to see the world through his eyes. Here's a really stylish cover from 1980. It's obvious that Marvel had high hopes for Ditko's return as the is the first of two consecutive issues labelled as an all-new classic. Readers of my blog might notice an interdimensional similarity to the Out of This World cover I posted last year. Yup - it's the same gimmick nearly a quarter century later, but it still works. With hindsight, it seems pretty obvious that Ditko and Mar-Vell are a great fit - but somehow Sturdy Steve never got much sci-fi work with the Big Two. There are a lot of great Ditko covers from this short-lived series, but I'm dedicated to spreading the wealth among various publishers and titles so it may be a while before I spotlight it again.

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