Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Single Issue Hall of Fame: Mystery in Space #111

What if I told you there was a comic book with art by the likes of Jim Aparo and Steve Ditko? How much do you think you'd be willing to pay? Wait! Don't answer yet, because there's more. How much would you pay if I threw in some Marshall Rogers artwork? Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? But that's not all. How about if we include Dan Spiegle channeling the very best of his Space Family Robinson work. Now, how much would you pay? $50?, $100? What if I told you that for no extra charge, we'll wrap it up in a very attractive Joe Kubert cover. Now how much would pay for this book? $200? How does a couple of quarters sound?

Astonishing, I know, but this is what DC offered to the general public back in 1980. Not many people took them up on this amazing offer, as the relaunched flagship sci-fi title didn't last a year. It's too bad - as there's a lot of quality work here. Highlights include the Spiegle drawn lead story about an intergalactic ambassador in peril, as well as the wordless space invasion story beautifully drawn by Aparo. I'm not sure who Gerald Brown was, but his stories showed some real promise. This one is still widely available for next to nothing. I highly recommend it as a true all-star collection of talent.

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