Friday, April 11, 2008

Steve Ditko Cover of the Week: Racket Squad in Action #12

Here's a Ditko cover from the 50s that you might not have seen. One doesn't normally think of crime comics when Ditko's name is mention, but he does a pretty good job nice job here. We've got a explosion in a Mom & Pop-owned corner store. I'm not in love with all aspects of this explosion (the positioning of the main figures, for example), but it's no bomb. I love how the explosion apparently has such incredible impact, and yet only one apple has been disturbed - a great little touch. Racket Squad is actually a very fun little title. It is procedural in tone, revealing how many scams and frauds are perpetrated. I've only ever owned a couple of them, but I keep my eye out for a cheap copies because it's always been a fun read. Not much Ditko to be found, though. He only contributed two covers, as far as I can tell. Ditko signed these covers in a very unique way - I'm not sure when this practice ended but it's too bad he went with a more linear signature.


MDG14450 said...

Great cover--I've seen it before, but this is the first time I've seen it in color printed larger than a postage stamp.

I disagree with your take on the apples--I think he's trying to capture the first instant of the explosion and show that the shock wave is just getting to them. (The cans do the same thing).

Actually it's a pretty ambitious picture for a relatively inexperienced artist (this is one of his first covers, isn't it?). He'd never do anything as sloppy as that back shelf later on. Wish it was colored better, though.

ROK said...

What is the man throwing the bomb riding in? It appears to be some type of large rubber tired vehicle or Marine landing craft.

rok said...

I know this is pure Ditko, but there seem to be several Wood-like elements. Reminds me of an EC cover for some reason. Except for the coloring.