Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Steve Ditko Cover of the Week: Ghostly Tales #121

Yes, this is Ditko at his most spare and it's a world removed from those more detailed covers he produced in the 50s. Ditko proves, however, that a good cover is not the result of the number of pencil scratches, but how those scratches are used. The wonderful the sense of action and movement derived from Steve's choice of perspective that makes this such a compelling cover. You almost get a sense of vertigo looking down at the soon-to-be victim, and it's the exact opposite of the worm's eye view Ditko has used so effectively elsewhere. Simple, but effective - something that has been forgotten by many cover artists. Definitely one of Ditko's best on this title.

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Jeremy A. Patterson said...

This was also 1976, as evidenced by the 30 cent cover price. Charlton was about to teporarily suspend operations in Jan. 1977.