Wednesday, November 05, 2008

You've Been Warned: Avengers #210

We all know about stories being based on a cover design, but I get the feeling the Avengers creative team really wanted to turn a Bob Dylan line into a story. It doesn't work. The post #200 era saw a revolving door of creative teams and that turnover rate resulted in comics like this one. The premise isn't too bad - the Avengers discover that crazy weather is being caused by a satellite. Avengers take care of satellite, crisis averted. Typical stuff, but it simply doesn't flow well, the 'villain' is never fully examined and it all wraps up waaaaay too quickly. The team of Gene Colan and Dan Green really does not work here (kind of like Infantino a couple of issues earlier) - far too murky for a team book, as the action sequences lack the necessary 'pop'. It's strange that I was such an Avengers nut as a kid as this was the nadir of 1981, a pretty inconsistent year for Avengers comics.


The Groovy Agent said...

Oooh! Shooter's second time around on the Avengers was really bad, wasn't it? Only true, card-carrying Avengers fanatics could stick around through that dreck to make it to the excellent Stern era. Nice to meet another card-carrying Avengers fanatic! :D

Jeremy A. Patterson said...

I own that issue, & the only notable aspect of this issue is the notice that the next issue is another major roster turnover issue!