Thursday, May 06, 2010

Highlighting House Ads: Marvel 1979

Look at all of these wonderful books. I have a ton of comics from 1979, but somehow I don't own a single one of these books. How did that happen? I was young back then, and even something as inexpensive as $3.95 would have seemed outrageous to me. It's too bad that none of these ever ended up under my Christmas tree, though. I'd really love to have that Surfer book. I've admired it for ever, but have never come across a bargain copy. That boxed set of Origins and Son of Origins would be pretty sweet, too. I think Marvel has reprinted the How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way in recent years, as I believe I spotted it recently at an LCS. I don't know if 1979 has been remembered "for the greatest Art Classics ever" as the hyperbolic text claims, but it should features some pretty cool collections. The thing I love the most, is that Simon & Schuster picked up the postage. Where's my time machine?


benday-dot/craig said...

The only one I have though, not pictured here, is "Bring on The Bad Guys". It was one of my earliest exposures to that mythical Marvel Silver Age I'd really only heard of or read about when guys like Kirby, Ditko, Romita and J. Buscema were king. All villains! All origins! Wow! To see this hallowed material get this sort of bookstore treatment was rare back then, and it all kind of blew my mind. I treasure BOtBG still. Craig

Matthew Johnson said...

I had the Marvel Mazes book. It was fun but odd, as each segment consisted of a couple of pages of comics continuity that was used to introduce a maze. (These weren't original pages, but sequences drawn from all through Marvel history entirely out of context.)