Friday, May 14, 2010

You've Been Warned: Marvel Preview #13

The UFO Connection is a rather strange story about UFOs, time travel and a whiny girl named Sissie. David Anthony Kraft writes a ton of exposition and some terribly annoying dialogue between father and daughter. The moments of the father's near mentalAdd Image breakdown(s) are particularly over the top. The main story is divided into two halves with some text filler in between them. Often, the filler in these mags is quite amusing but for stories about UFO sightings and Illuminati, these are pretty boring. Herb Trimpe's pencils are decent, but I prefer the Klaus Janson inks than those of Pablo Marcos. Overall, the artwork is crowded out by the words. Normally I'm a fan of marvel black and white mags, but this isn't one of them. For completists only.

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benday-dot/ craig said...

This really is one of the strangest comics Marvel put out in 70's. Esoteric pyramids and bizarre abductions and all that crazy text. The very strangeness of this issue has an odd sort of appeal for me, but you are right Scott this is definitely not for everyone. Craig