Thursday, August 05, 2010

Gil Kane Cover of the Month: Mighty Marvel Western #44

Apparently, this cover was one of Gil Kane's personal favourites. I can't disagree with him. Marvel kept many of its western titles alive throughout the 70s, and dressed them up with flashy new covers by the likes of Kane and Gene Colan. This one is wonderfully designed, and the reflections in the water help give it a real spaghetti western vibe. The blazing sun brings to mind Berni Krigstein cover to Piracy #6. I really love the concept, but it may have been borrowed from the cover to Kid Colt, Outlaw #55 by John Severin. It's a shame that Marvel polluted these covers with so many logos and cover blurbs.


Man of Bronze said...

Gil Kane was the best cover artist of all time and his western covers for Marvel were his best work.

Matt Bird said...

A great cover, but it contains one of my biggest pet peeves: the 90 degree reflection! You see this in comics all the time and it's bizarre. That's just not how reflections work. They don't stretch out in front of you. Reflections should be 180 degrees away, right? (I'm not surprised that this is based on a Severin cover, because he loves 90 degree reflections)

Anonymous said...

I gave this cover to Gil to sign at a convention some years ago and he was elated! He said it was one of his favorites and I agree, simple, compelling and uncluttered, which many Marvel covers ofthe time were not, unfortunately.

Nick Caputo