Friday, August 13, 2010

Steve Ditko Cover of the Week: Konga #6

Very few comic book artists could capture a panic stricken crowd like Steve Ditko. These folks look as if they are literally running off the page. The perspective used on Konga seems to be a bit off, but it still has impact. The colour choices and lighting effects are both quite interesting, and I really love the expression of sheer glee on Konga's face. Ditko was still nearly a year away from his first Spider-Man cover at this stage, so he is deeply entrenched in the world of pre-hero monster both at Charlton and at Marvel. It must have been a wonderful time to be a young lad deciding how to spend his dimes. I really wish someone would see fit to give Konga the reprint volume he deserves. For now, I'll just cling to my copy of The Lonely One.

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Peter Gray said...

As you say the expression on Konga is great!:) :)

love the crowd running into us..

very striking red and yellow colours..But like the crowd being one purple colour..

basically everything you just said..maybe I should of just said ditto!!

What a unusual fun cover..