Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Charlton Notebook: E-Man #8

All issues of E-Man are terrific, but this one is a real find for old school comic book nerds. Actually, there's something for almost every type of nerd in here. It's as if the Easter Bunny visited the Charlton offices in Derby, CT and left eggs all throughout this book. Keen eyed readers will discover references to Plastic Man, Blue Beetle, Captain Atom and even the Mighty Heroes from Archie Comics. There are also references made to Philip Marlowe, Mike Hammer and even the ill-fated Miles Archer. ERB fans will like the Pellucidar vibe in the second half of the book. Oh yeah, and The Battery returns. Great fun all around.

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The Groovy Agent said...

Best ish of E-Man ever. Nova getting powers was so cool (as was the costume Staton created for her), plus I remember learning the word "rue" in that ish.