Friday, June 03, 2011

Single Issue Hall of Fame: Marvel Premiere #47

Now, this is how you re-boot a character! From Doll Man to the Atom, I've always like the notion of a shrinking super-hero. Maybe it's because I was hooked on Land of the Giants re-runs as a 5 year old. Scott Lang is a unique character as, aside from Luke Cage, there weren't that many ex-cons turned hero in the Marvel Universe. It was easy to empathize with him, mainly because of his relationship with his daughter. I give full credit for this characterization to David Michelinie, and this book proves that he is one of the greatest writers in comic book history. The art team of Byrne and Layton do terrific work here as well. This is a fine introduction to an interesting new character. It's too bad that no one ever figured out what to do with Mr. Lang. Personally, I think there was too much Hank Pym history with the Avengers for him to work there on a regular basis, but he would have fit in very nicely with the Defenders.


Anonymous said...

I did enjoy this reboot of the tinest Avenger. It was prettty darn entertaing. Please take a look at the Marvel Feature 4- 11 and check out the Trimpe, Russell Craig take on the Ant Guy. If you want to read some bad ANTMAN I strongly recommend thr ANTMAN ESSENTIAN. I was a Marvel completist zombie at the time and hunted down and bought these lumps of coal.

BenoƮt Leblanc said...

The second part of this story was one of the first US comics I bought at the newsstand, and I had been suitably impressed by the cool Byrne art. The story was also very efficient, getting to the point without endless digressions. Marvel Premiere, by its very nature, was good at that... it was one of the most interesting series of its time.

dbutler16 said...

I've never read this story, but I've run across Scott Lang in some Avengers stories and I did always sympathize with the character. Like Scott says, the angle with his daughter is a good hook, making him pretty rare among superheroes. The ex-con turned hero is a good hook, too.