Friday, July 22, 2011

You've Been Warned: Superman #337

This cover looks promising, doesn't it? Well, like so many of the 'bait & switch' covers produced at DC during the 70s, the interior tale comes nowhere near living up to that initial promise. Inside, things are a bit out of sorts in Metropolis. Clark Kent's behaviour is a bit odd, as he suddenly seems to have developed a backbone. One villain after another appears only to suddenly disappear. How can all of this be explained? Well, an inventive writer like Grant Morrison would have a field day with this type of concept. Unfortunately, it was up to Len Wein to hand in this uninspired script. Ready for the ending to be spoiled? It was all Don-El (who?), the head of Kandor's Superman Emergency Squad. Apparently, his subconscious jealousy of Superman led him to develop some form of mental illness wherein he ultimately posed as Superman. The only way to break this spell was for the real Superman to pose as a series of villains (using super speed to move from one to the other) until Don-El ultimately cracked. My head hurts after typing that. The concept of Kandor is fun, but it became such a lazy writing device, helping free anyone who had managed to write themselves into a corner. This is an example of DC shooting itself in the foot.


Spectergirl said...

I always love how much time Superman appears to have on his hands. Fundraiser featuring his feats of strength, the elaborate, time consuming schemes to make Lois Lane doubt her sanity and now playing psychologist to his own impostor.

It is a wonder he has time for much else.

Scott M said...

Agreed - it's just nutty and the explanation is handled at super speed. And why pretend to be Terra-Man? I think including Mxyxptlk would have been a good red herring.

BenoƮt Leblanc said...

In fact, having so much to do and being so busy should be enough to convince people that Superman doesn't have time for a secret identity!

Anonymous said...

Your a better blogger than you are a moderator.

This is in the middle if about 200 straight Superman Bait and Switch covers though. They all seem pretty interchangeable to me.