Thursday, December 01, 2011


Dear friends and SOTI regulars. I am not dead. I have not lost my internet connection and I certainly have not lost my love of blogging. The company for whom I work has been involved in a major transaction and I (being the idiot who thought law school was a good idea) have been buried in a mountain of paperwork and an endless stream of emails since mid-August. I will return soon.


Four-Color Kid said...

That's great news!
I have to admit I was starting to worry about you Scott.

Very happy to learn you are doing well, and that you will eventually be back with more of your awesome suggestions for good (and not so good!) reading, good movies and cool stuff.

Until then, take care!

A Big Fan

davidbstewart said...

Whew! I'm just glad it didn't say SOTI - R.I.P.! This is one my regular stops.

Ralf H. said...

The best news for weeks.

I feared the worst.

Anonymous said...