Monday, December 19, 2011

Steve Ditko Cover of the Week: Daughters of Time

This, my friends, might be the most obscure Steve Ditko cover that I every discuss in this space. Daughters of Time was published in 1991 by 3-D Zone comics. Never heard of it? Neither had I until recently. I love Ditko and I love Kurt Schaffenberger, but this cover just does not work for me. I think it is a combination of the disorienting layout and the garish colours. As far I can recall, this is the only time these two artists collaborated. I'd love know if they worked together elsewhere, as they would be an interesting team. The GCD tells me that it's 100% Schaffenberger on the inside. $3.95 was pretty pricey back then, and I wonder if this book lived up to its price tag. The hunt begins, my curiosity cannot be sated until I own it.


David in the north said...

Thanks for coming back, I've bought or downloaded so many comics off your recommendations.

Anonymous said...

The backcover features a colorless 3D version of the cover---and looks MUCh better than the colored, flat front cover. The interior art is NOT among Schaffenberger's best, but it's good to see his work in 3D.

Four-Color Kid said...

I'm a BIG Ditko fan and must admit that I have never seen this cover or even heard of it.

The general design isn't that bad.
The ugly 90's style of character design is though.

And it just doesn't feel right to see Ditko people who aren't dressed in suits and fedora (for men) or more classic dresses (for ladies).

BTW, Welcome back Scott!
Great to read you on a regular basis again.

Scott M said...

Thanks for the nice comments, folks - I'm happy to be back. It may be a bit spotty for the next little while but I want to dedicate a few minutes to the blog every couple of days.