Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Add It to My Want List: Upcoming Phantom Collections

Ok, I will be the first to admit that I do not stay on top of what 'new' releases are on the way, so this may be very stale news. I was on Amazon's website, and it mentioned that I may be interested in some keen looking Phantom collections. Might I? It looks as the stories from the Gold Key years, the King years and the Charlton years are all being reprinted and released next month. I own over half of the Charlton books, but it would be sooo nice to have them all in one place so I can see the crazy variations in artists from Aparo to Sherwood to Newton. Kudos for Hermes Press for putting these together - I just hope it's not some sort of hoax. On a related topic, I am still trying to figure out the ID of Norm di Pluhm as Steve Skeates apparently said it wasn't him.


diana green said...

There has been some movement on these, but I fear it will be a while before they get to the Newton issues, and that those issues will not be in a book of their own, but included with some of the lesser material that surrounded them.

Four-Color Kid said...

I'm all for the PHANTOM collections, but I wish a publisher would also tackle that other famous Lee Falk creation: MANDRAKE!

Andreas said...

The first Gold Key volume has been released. Not a hoax, and looks great (or as great as these stories can look, artist Bill Lignante was no Don Newton). The first Charlton volume is scheduled for April, and the King volume for August. Also, don't miss Hermes reprints of Phantom daily strips and Sunday pages! Infinetely better stories than the Charlton/King/Gold Key stories. Meanwhile, Titan book will release Mandrake collections later this year! And a final plug, last year I edited a book about Phantom/Mandrake creator Lee Falk who would have been 100 years! See for more details!