Friday, January 27, 2012

Exit Stage Left: Sweethearts #137

Like many Charlton series, Sweethearts has a long and strange history. This was one of many Fawcett titles taken over by Charlton in early 1954. Did you know that Sweethearts can trace its roots all the way back to Captain Midnight #1 (September, 1942)? The series came to Charlton with issue #122. Of course, since we're dealing with Charlton it makes perfect sense that they renumbered the series with the second Charlton issue as issue #22. Yup, there really was something in the water in Derby. Anyhow, this series kept chugging along for another two decades before signing off with this issue. The series actually maintained a decent level of quality throughout the years and this one is another, slightly better than average romance book. I love how they managed to incorporate another of Charlton's go-to subgenres (Hot Rods) into this book. Anyone know who drew the cover? The inking is really quite nice.


Anonymous said...

Of course you mean Captain Midnight #1, (September, 1942). It is factual and sounds more impressive too!

Sam Kujava

Anonymous said...

Yes, Bob Fujitani is still with us. I am a cousin of his wife. "Fuji" still lives on the CT shoreline and has been a prolific painter of oils for his family, friends, and neighbors.

Though under the radar, he accommodates occasional requests for interviews. A nearly foot-high stack of original ink drawings for Flash Gordon used to skulk in a corner of their guest bedroom.

Though his wife has learned to use an iPad given to them by family, Bob remains off-line. He has seen some of the work here.

Scott M said...

Fixed the date, oops!

Thanks for the update on Bob Fujitani - here's a piece I wrote on him a while back at Comics Should be Good