Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hidden Gems: Walt Disney Showcase #34

There are a number of hidden gems in this Gold Key reprint series, and I'll touch on a few more down the road but I thought that I should begin with this amazing issue. It looks as though the folks at Western Publishing wanted to kick off America's bicentennial year in style, and how better than with the tale of Paul Revere. What makes this one so special is that the story features 32 pages of gorgeous Alex Toth artwork. This story was originally published in 1957 as part of Four Color #822 and, while there are a few extra bits and pieces by Toth that didn't make the cut for the reprint, the main story is here to see in all of its glory. This is my favourite era in terms of Toth's artwork, as it lines up with his run on Zorro. There are several similarities here, including lots of shadowy action - one of Toth's true strengths. Walt Disney Showcases aren't all that easy to find these days, but when you do find them, they are still pretty affordable. Happy hunting!

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