Friday, May 24, 2013

Add It To My Want List: Classics Illustrated Junior #529

I do not know a single thing about The Magic Servants by the Brothers Grimm, but I spotted this cover and I am very intrigued. Sharp-eyed fans of the Legion of Super Heroes might do a double take when they see this one. Is that Bouncing Boy? Elastic Lad? Colossal Boy? That one guy has ears just like Chameleon Boy. Even the one in the back with the bowl cut looks as though he's wearing Mon-El's costume. Can all of this possibly be a coincidence? Probably, but I'm a sucker for a good conspiracy, so I want to track down a copy to see if there are any other similarities between these servants those super powered teens from the future. The hunt begins.


Shane O'Shaughnessy said...

you can snag one for under six bucks on amazon. b&n have a nook version for 2. what do you think the age is of this? it is a startling similarity to the Legion. the original Legion does appear to Superboy almost like magical imps, knowing who he is and whisking him to another time/place. They even trick him (or try to) with their initial testing of him.

totally plausible, some artist (probably late at night on a deadline, probably drunk) saw this cover and said, Eureka! Superboy meets some freaks from the future!

(actually after reading Binder's bio, that last crack's kinda touchy... errrr)

Nice spotting of what appears to be some clever art swiping!

Scott M said...

I believe this was from 1956, so a couple of years before the Legion.

The Mutt said...

I have vague memories of reading this, though it would have been sometime in the mid-sixties. IIRC the "Bouncing Boy" drinks a lake.