Friday, May 31, 2013

Hidden Gems: Wanted, The World's Most Dangerous Villains #5

Today, we live in a world of glossy reprint volumes and online comic databases. Once upon a time, tracking down Golden Age stories was much more difficult. DC did Golden Age fans a huge favour back in the 70s when they started digging through their vaults and putting history into their readers' hands. It was great to see all the Golden Age Flash and Hawkman stories in those 100-Pager Super Spectaculars but I think the real treat was to see Quality Comics characters return to the spotlight. Even today, we've see a ton of reprints from DC, but they tend to avoid the folks from Earth-X. I've owned a number of Doll Man and Feature Comics issues over the years and feel that Doll Man was a one of the most consistently great strips of the 40s and 50s. This particular issue contains one of only four Doll Man stories reprinted by DC in the 70s (I think my math is correct on this one). Until the time comes when we see a Doll Man Archives (my fingers are crossed), issues such as this one will have to do the trick. Oh yeah, it's also got a pretty great Green Lantern story.


Anonymous said...

I scooped this one outta the bargain bin and enjoyed quite a bit. Good stuff.

edtonner said...

I still don't know why DC can't put their back catalog from the 60's, 70's and 80's online in a pay-per-issue or subscription service.