Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Single Issue Hall of Fame: Power of Shazam #8

The 90s are not fondly remembered by many comic book fans. It was a time of garish artwork and headache inducing 'events'. That said,  I was hooked on many titles during the decade. The Power of Shazam was a great series, with a nostalgic, but fresh atmosphere. The 8th issue is a treasure trove for fans of the Golden Age as it is almost a Fawcett City All-Star Game. We meet Bullet Man, Minute Man and Spy Smasher and get to see Freddie Freeman first cry 'Captain Marvel!'. On the bad guy side of the ledger, we see Theo Adam, Captain Nazi and even Hitler's skeleton. There's a cool call back to the old Unknown Soldier series (a favourite of mine) and even some Curt Swan pencils. What else could fans of classic comics ask for? How about a great Jerry Ordway cover that seems to straddles the eras? This is a good one, and a nice addition to the 90s wing of the Hall of Fame.


Four-Color Kid said...

Superheroes were so dark and depressing in the 90's.

POWER OF SHAZAM was one of the few exceptions. It had a kind of timeless classic quality to it.

Jerry Ordway's art kinda remind me of Curt Swan's definitive work on Superman. Ordway was the first one to get me interested into the whole Fawcett line of characters, just as James Robinson would be the one to make me care about Golden Age heroes in his fabulous STARMAN run.

POWER OF SHAZAM was certainly one of my top favorite superhero title of the 90's.

Scott M said...

I enjoyed quite a few 90s titles,but avoided most mainstream superhero books. This one was indeed a real breath of fresh air