Friday, September 27, 2013

Gil Kane Cover of the Month: Wonder Woman #304

In 1983, Gil Kane drew six consecutive Wonder Woman covers, five of which I would describe as portraits. These has unique layouts and very creative designs, giving them a bit of a 'pop art' flavour. The cover to Wonder Woman #304 is my favourite of the bunch. The use of blue really accentuates the colours of Wonder Woman's costume in the foreground and gives a shadowy feel to the larger figure in the background. The heroic look to the smaller figure juxtaposes nicely against the warrior-like pose of the larger figure in the background. I like the way Kane snuck his initials into the empty space. This cover really shows the strength of Kane's sense of design.


Anonymous said...

I agree, a beautiful cover. Issue 303 is equally nice; it is also by Gil Kane. I never appreciated him a as a kid, but many (many, sigh) years later on I have come to absolutely love his work.

Scott M said...

You're quite right - 303 is a nice one!