Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Single Issue Hall of Fame: Avengers #148

There were a lot of solid stories during the Serpent Crown saga, but this is the true stand out. While some might view it as a parody, I prefer to see it as Steve Engelhart's love letter to the JLA/JSA crossovers. Everything from the beautifully rendered splash page to the font used for the various character groupings is pure gold (or should I say silver?). The only thing that could have made it more authentic was if George Perez had tried to ape Dick Dillin or Mike Sekowsky. The irony is that George Perez would soon be working on actual JLA/JSA crossovers as a result of Dillin's untimely death. As a bonus, we also start to see some of the internal problems within the Squadron Supreme that would ultimately inform Mark Gruenwald's amazing series in the 80s. Oh yeah, Jack Kirby cover, too! This one is a real treat.


Four-Color Kid said...

Steven Englehart story.
George Perez bronze age art.
Squadron Supreme.
Jack Kirby cover.
That is pretty close to a perfect comic book I could try to imagine.

Your earlier post on The 90'S JSA made me think how Mike Parobeck would have been perfect on SQUADRON SUPREME with all those bright colored costumes...

Scott M said...

Yes, it really it a perfect storm.