Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Add It to My Want List: Four-Star Battle Tales #5

This is one of the very few titles published by DC in the 1970s of which I do not own a single copy. To be honest, I don't recall ever seeing it in back issue bins and it has been completely off my radar. I'm always interested in finding affordable copies of stories from the 50s and 60s, so I recently turned my attention to Four-Star Battle Tales. This anthology reprints selected stories spanning nearly two decades. The fifth and final issue is the one that triggered the most drool from yours truly. There are three stories contained between the covers, all from the 1950s. Check out the three artists: Russ Heath, Mort Drucker and the one and only Bernie Krigstein. Wow! I need this one sooooo badly!


davidbstewart said...

This is really a great issue. I saw Drucker's name and was unfamiliar with any of his non-humor work at the time. Stunning art as was the Heath and Krigstein. Now, I need to find this issue again in my stacks!

Scott M said...

I too first knew Drucker for the humour work but over time have been more and more impressed with his 'straight' stuff.

Captain Blog said...

I have one issue of this and laughed my butt off at a letter printed inside. Seems a fan was upset by the fact that there was not 4 stories inside. He apparently bought it because he thought is said '4 Battle Stories'! The 'Stars' didn't register with him. (just design?). I don't think DC got it either as their response seemed odd.