Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Single Issue Hall of Fame: Power Man & Iron Fist #75

I have likely mentioned it on here before, but it is worth reiterating that Power Man & Iron Fist was one of my favourite series as a child. It was just so different from many of the books I was reading back then. One of the strongest aspects of this series is the bond between Luke and Danny. That relationship is very nicely portrayed in the epic double-sized issue, as it features a nice mix of action and characterization. You get plenty of Danny coming to terms with his past, including a very effective retelling of his origin. There's plenty of humour with some 'fish out of water' bits as Luke does not adapt very smoothly to the customs of K'Un-Lun. On top of all that, there's a terrific Bob Larkin painted cover. Those covers were becoming a rarity in standard format books at Marvel during the early 80s. All in all, it is a solid milestone issue with a strong standalone story. What more could you want?


Edo Bosnar said...

Nothing. Nothing more. That was such a great issue. And like you, I was really loving PM & IF right at the time it came out.
My only criticism? That obnoxious banner ad on top, which so ruins the effect of that otherwise eye-catching cover.

Graham said...

Agreed, PM & IF was one of my favorite series, too. Great story and great art, too. Just a lot of fun. Hated that banner, too.

Scott M said...

Did anyone ever win one of those bikes?