Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Seduction of the Indifferent Podcast - Episode 2

Hey everyone. Here's the second test run of the show I'm contemplating. I've actually really been enjoying talking about funnybooks and not just writing about them. I'm thinking that I may stick with this one a semi-regular basis and have guests on to discuss a variety of topics. If that happens, I'll set it up with a libsyn account and get it on iTunes.

I'd love to know what you think.

SOTI Podcast - Episode 2


Edo Bosnar said...

Hi Scott,
Just got around to listening to this today; again, I found it quite interesting.
Your "reprint this" section got me thinking: those dollar comics were full of now forgotten gems that could stand to be reprinted. In World's Finest, I particularly liked to Green Arrow and/or Black Canary stories. But personally, I was most partial to Adventure Comics' brief dollar comic phase, which featured Flash stories usually better than those in the main title, with better art (by Irv Novick), Wonder Woman stories as well, and, since you mentioned Don Newton when talking about that Phantom issue, New Gods and Aquaman stories with his art. Plus some good JSA stories (drawn by another personal favorite of mine, Joe Staton) and those wonderful Deadman shorts which did finally get reprinted recently (although not in the way I would have preferred, but that's another story).

I have to respectfully disagree about Starstream - I used to have all four issues, and I ended up trading them with another comics fan for something else. Even though I'm as big an SF fan as a comics fan, I just found them really bland, both the adaptations of the stories and the art.

Otherwise, though, I like your attitude about keeping things positive - good luck on future shows.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed both shows. Keep them coming.

Scott M said...

Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.

I am hoping to do more - have just run out of free time somehow.