Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Add It To My Want List: Secret Origins #14

I've been re-reading my stack of Suicide Squad comics in recent days. I'm loving it, of course as Ostrander and company fused a great concept with a superb cast of characters. Many of those early issues reference both Legends and Secret Origins #14. Legends, I've read. Secret Origins #14? Nope. Now, I feel as though there's a gaping hole in my funnybook collection. I thought I had the Suicide Squad covered, but I'm missing a vital link in the chain. Now, it's a matter of haunting various comic shops until I get my hands on a copy. There are certainly worse ways to spend my time!

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Four-Color Kid said...

Ostrander's SUICIDE SQUAD was such an underrated comics at the time. Never in the top sellers, or the "hot" list, but it still managed to be published for 5 years. Quite an achievement for a series that mostly featured third tier forgotten heroes and villains. The artists assigned to the series were adequate craftmen, but again, no "hot" artists, not even on covers (even Howard Chaykin's cover for the first issue is far from his best) So the strong point of this series was all about John Ostrander (and eventual collaborator Kim Yale) talent at character development, plot and story. Certainly one of my favorite superhero series of all time.