Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Exit Stage Left: Sea Devils #35

As a concept, the Sea Devils made a lot of sense circa 1960. Other scuba-related books were on spinner racks such as Dell's The Frogmen and the tie-in to the Sea Hunt series. As the decade progressed, the comic book landscape shifted. Superheroes were back in a big way and universe-building was underway at both DC and Marvel. Dane Dorrance and his team never really fit into the DCU all that well. They still managed to chug along, with Bob Haney telling self-contained underwater (pun intended) tales in typical loopy yet entertaining Bob Haney fashion. This issue was par for the course, with alien creatures arriving via an inter-dimensional portal in the ocean. In this case, however, after winning the battle, the good guys simply swam off into the sunset, not to be seen again until Showcase #100.

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Anonymous said...

Big SEA DEVILS fan here. I've got almost a complete run (and the SHOWCASEs.) Heck, I even bought the SHOWCASE PRESENTS b&w book.

They're worth having just for all the wash covers, courtesy of Jack Adler. And it doesn't matter who did them---Heath, Purcell, Novick, ---I love 'em all. I think this one is the lone Murphy Anderson cover.

Scott Lovrine aka Cherokee Jack