Thursday, May 28, 2015

Listen to our Podcast and Help With Disaster Relief

Some of you may not know that my wife Kat and I do a movie podcast called Married With Clickers. Every May we focus exclusively on disaster movies for what we call ArMAYgeddon. To help relieve our guilt about laughing at people's cinematic misfortunate, we have decided to give 25 cents to the Red Cross's relief efforts in Nepal for every ArMAYgeddon episode downloaded this month.

There are five episodes this month, covering The Swarm, Titanic (1943), Meteor, The Day the Earth Caught Fire and San Francisco. If you download them all, you've help add $1.25 to the fund. We can be found by search for Married With Clickers on iTunes, as well as Stitcher radio. Episodes can be downloaded directly from our Libsyn site at the link below.