Thursday, May 28, 2015

Steve Ditko Cover of the Week: Journey Into Mystery #58

Here is an interesting one. I really love this cover as it has the  amazing mixture of bright colours and stark grey that I have come to love about Atlas covers. I think this is a fairly early entry as far as Ditko cover assignments for Atlas are concerned, as this is early 1960.What makes it even more interesting is that Jack Kirby was the go-to cover artist on Journey Into Mystery and he even contributed the splash page for the RRO! story. In fact, that splash page as used as the cover for the UK reprint title Zombie. As I said, I really love this one, and I'm happy they chose Ditko for the job. There must be a number of covers out here with monsters clutching subway trains. Time for me to start looking around!


argon31pf said...

Ditko and Kirby in one comic. Amazing!

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