Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Reprint This! Joe Orlando's Adam Link

The early years of Warren Publishing must have been pure bliss for comic book fans. Titles like Creepy, Eerie and Blazing Combat featured an all-star collection of creators. Of course, all good things must come to an end and eventually these mags moved into a mixture of reprints and second-tier creators. One of the real gems from those early years was the collaboration between Joe Orlando and Otto Binder, bringing Binder's Adam Link stories to life in beautiful black and white. It may have seemed a bit of of place in a horror anthology, as this strip had more of serial quality to it, but it is very engaging and a real joy to read. There's a whole lot crammed into each story - so things move along quickly, perhaps a bit too quickly but it reminds me of the Manning adaptations of the Tarzan books for Gold Key. You don't get all of the detail, but all of the meat is there. By my count, there were a total of 8 chapters in the Adam Link saga clocking in at 8 pages apiece. That would make for a wonderful little 64-page package that a ton of people would scoop up for $7.95 or so. Please, please, please - somebody do it!

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Jeremy A. Patterson said...

It is a true gem!