Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Steve Ditko Cover of the Week: Shade, the Changing Man #8

DC gave Steve Ditko the keys to the car in 1977, and it really paid off huge dividends. Like many newly launched titles from that period, Shade was been a short-lived series but it must have made DC seem pretty cutting edge. Ditko's abstract-psychedelic covers for this series are all quite strong, but this is my favourite, as it juxtaposes Shade in all of his trippy glory with the with the sobering reality of a military fleet. It's a wonderful effect and it may be the 'cleanest' looking of all of the Shade covers, some of which are guilty of being messy as a result of their trippiness. The only thing I'd change are the 3 figures at the window. They seem stiff and out of sync with the rest of the cover. I understand their presence as part of the narrative, but it just comes across as awkward.

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