Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dear Showcase Presents Batman & the Outsiders

It was great to bump into you the other day, I'm glad that we got the chance to spend some time together. You're looking really great! I can't believe that it's been... what, 25 years or so? Wow, time flies. I've glanced at so many others books since we first met, but none really compare to you. You always started off with such a dramatic bang and elegantly led me through those first stories panel by panel. I've got to give a lot of credit to your parents - Mike Barr and Jim Aparo, who blessed you with wonderful genes. Never have I seen Batman's cape draped so elegantly. Rarely do I get to see Metamorpho drawn with so much love. Sure, we had some bumps in our relationship along the way. You know the whole 'Olympics' thing was a turn-off fo me, and this time around I found a bit jarring to see George Perez breaking up all of the lovely Aparo work (why I had that fling with Perez, I'll never understand!). I know that we've both moved on with our lives, but I'd love it if we could get together every now and then.

Forever Yours,


Gallaher said...

Believe it or not, I just bought my copy this very same day, and am enjoying my return to BATO's company as much as you seem to be. It's handy to have this collection next to the SP Phantom Stranger volume and contrast Jim's early work with this, his peak during maturity. The work is bolder, a bit simpler, less Adamsesque and more Caniffesque...while I never previously considered this to be the best career phase of my favorite comics artist, I'm reconsidering my evaluation.

Scott M said...

I think it looks quite nice too. My favourite era for JA is 1978-1981 or so on B&B, but this stuff holds up quite nicely (so issues are stronger than others). I really find that the b&w helps me appreciate the work even better. It's a fun read - I really enjoyed it.