Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Steve Ditko Cover of the Week: This Magazine Is Haunted #19

Check out this beauty! How on earth did Ditko hit so many out of the park so early in his career? This is just a gorgeous example of what he could do in terms of design. Sure, the main figure borrows heavily from the Gentleman Ghost, but the details in the clothing is spectacular. The details in the background are also incredible. Many of us are much more used to seeing Ditko take a more economical approach and leave out many details, but this proves he could include the kitchen sink if it was warranted. The weather vane and bats are not things that would show up on a 70s Charlton cover. I'm not sure who the 'Gentleman Ghost' is, as Doctor Death (at bottom left) is the host of the book - but he surely is a captivating figure. I've only ever owned a couple of issues from this title - which migrated to Charlton from Fawcett, as they're extremely tough to find. Oh, and I love any cover were someone is busting through the 4th wall.

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Mickey Coalwell said...

I think Ditko's early Charlton cover work is daring, experimental, innovative, and just plain bugfuck (no Mr. Fleisher, I wasn't talking about you). The invisible man's monocle and cigarette holder are just plain bizarre, aren't they? And the demon-headed cloak clasp and skull-headed cane topper! Spectacular!